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28th Jan

Type 2 Diabetes Education session online 22.2.2022

Healthwatch Poster
10th Dec 2021

What to do if you feel unwell over Christmas and New Year?

27th Sep 2021

Book your Flu Jab

Please use our online appointments page to request the day and time you would like to book your flu jab and we will try and accommodate your request. We are offering flu jabs by appointment between 1.30 and 3.30 on Monday and Tuesday and all day on Wednesday and Friday
If you prefer please call us to book your flu jab.
Patients aged 50 and over  and any age in an at risk group qualify for a NHS flu jab. Also children aged 2 and 3 after 1st September 2021.
You should also have been invited by text invite or letter if you should have a flu jab.
11th Aug 2021

Update on the national planned extraction of data from patient records for planning and research.

Many patients have expressed concern over the extraction of data by NHS Digital. A new system was scheduled to take place on the 1st September but has now been postponed without a date being set for when it will take place. This is to allow NHS England and the government to make changes in the light of concerns that have been expressed and to engage with patients and doctors.

This information is important to the country and has been used to plan the response to the Covid 19 pandemic, including the vaccine roll-out and to understand how to support patients suffering from ‘long Covid’.

However, the new data extraction will only now take place, when;

  • You, as a patients have the means to delete your data from a data upload, even after a data collection has taken place. You will be also able to opt-out from any future collections. The way that you will do this is being made more simple.
  • The present back-log of opt-outs expressed by patients, whether at practice level or on-line ( with NHS Digital) have been cleared.
  • A “Trusted Research Environment” has been developed and implemented within NHS Digital itself.


This mean that the data collected will only be accessed within this environment and that it will not be able to be copied or transported outside of the environment. Data can only be copied and transferred outside of this secure environment, if you, as a patient have given your explicit consent; e.g. for a specific research study.

NHS Digital promises that:

  • The data extraction will continue to be both pseudonymised, i.e. the data identifyingyou as you does not reach NHS Digital and will be encrypted by GP System suppliers.
  • Wants to improve its communications:
    1. By continuing to listen to patients and other stakeholders,
    2. Will consult via series of events that aim to explain the programme and engage in co-design with stakeholders as to how the programme will move forward.
    3. Will demonstrate howpublic feedback is being used to shape how the data is collected and how the data informs research and planning across the NHS

Jo Churchill, the under-secretary of State for Primary Care promises that:

“Once the data is collected, it will only be used for the purposes of improving health and care. Patient data is not for sale and never will be for sale.”

The full text of his letter is available here as a PDF.

11th Aug 2021

Please wear a mask if visiting the surgery - and don't walk into the surgery for any reason without an appointment

In line with current Government guidance patients are required to continue to wear a face covering in all healthcare settings.

Face coverings primarily protect others, so doing so – unless exempt – is key to preventing spread of infection.

Test and isolate if you have any symptoms

If you have symptoms you must get a PCR test as soon as possible & before visiting your GP. Rapid lateral flow tests should not be used to confirm infection.

It’s vital that you and anyone in your household isolate until you receive your test result, and for 10 days thereafter if the result is positive.


Do not walk into the surgery for any reason

Only contact the surgery by phone, e-mail or using the online appointment system. This is for your safety due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Thank you.
31st Mar 2021

Online vaccine event for South Asian communities in City and Hackney

Happening Thursday 1st April - please share with your patients and residents 

Details below!

Please note we are still looking for any clinicians or healthcare professionals (GPs, Practice Nurses, etc.) who are willing to participate and can speak any of the below languages - Punjabi especially. If you are interested in supporting this event please email

The flyer can be downloaded here.

11th Mar 2021


We are letting you know about a very useful website called Germ Defence which was created by a team of doctors and scientists to give you advice that has been proven to reduce the spread of viruses in the home. It can help you plan how to protect yourself and members of your family from infection by COVID-19 and ‘flu.  

It’s easy to use and only takes 10 minutes - just click on this link:

(If this link does not open when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your web browser.)

Please pass details of the Germ Defence website to your friends and family.

There’s a button at the bottom of the Germ Defence website for sharing by social media.

4th Dec 2020

For the latest information on contacting your GP practice during the pandemic. Please click on the link below.

29th Oct 2020


Dear patients we have started our flu clinics by appointment only. You will be sent a text invite to your mobile phone to call the surgery to book your appointment in the next few weeks.

The following patients will be contacted:


Heart Disease

Stroke and neurological disease

Kidney Disease


Severe Asthma

Patients who were shielding

Over 65 year olds


Learning Disability

If you are not in one of these groups but feel you should be invited please call the surgery who will advise. Also if you are in one of the above groups and do not receive an invitation please call the surgery.

Please note healthy 50 to 64 year olds will be invited after October pending NHS guidance.

29th Oct 2020


Coronavirus-Covid-19 social Distancing Using The NHS and other Health Services/

Please click on the link below for information on stopping smoking and the local Hackney stop smoking services:

29th Oct 2020

Important Notice

 Dear patients the practice will be scanning all OLD paper records and converting these to an individual digital record for each patient. This will make all of a patient's records more accessible when consulting as it will be in one place. We will be using an approved company to do this work contracted by City & Hackney NHS CCG. Importantly once scanned the original paper notes will be destroyed as there will now be a digital version in each patient's records.
We are planning to start this work in August 2020. If you do not want your OLD paper records to be converted to a digital version please let the practice staff know by 31st July 2020. This can be by email, phone or letter.